Feel The Fire Album Cover

A P P R O A C H I N G   L I G H T   S P E E D

Recorded August-September 1983 at Triad Studios, Des Moines Iowa.
Engineered by Tom Tucker
Additional technical assistance by John Hurst
Produced by Barnabas and Tom Tucker 

One of the two best Barnabas albums, by popular acclaim,
and another landmark recording, in every sense.

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N O   F R E E D O M

B. Belew/K. Klingensmith

Dressed to kill, and drinking all alone
Waiting for some lizard to take you home
Another wham-bam rendezvous
The script is moldy but the lines are tried and true

But there's no freedom
No real freedom
There is no freedom in sin

Conscience screaming, but its Saturday night
Dig deep for anything to make the wrong feel right
Morning comes, your head is split in two
I know your bleeding; I've crawled that same path too

The swords are rattling, and the end is in sight
Its now or never if you want to make things right
The future's shaky, but the facts are quite clear
The King is coming, and He's almost here



G. Mann/K. Klingensmith

Turned on my radio, to listen for awhile
But the junk they play gets worse every day
Flipped on the tv, hoping for a smile
Until I felt my brain begin to decay

Unborn children murdered by the millions
Sacrificed so mom can run free
Shattered victims scattered through the wreckage
Picking through what once used to be

As the stormclouds roll from the crest of Mount Zion
Who will turn away and be saved? 

Captured spirits, bloodied on the inside
Languishing in chains they can't see
Hopeless captives, clawing at their bindings
Running from the one with the key

Foolish dreamers, trusting in tomorrow
Counting on what never can be
A lying promise dangles in their faces
"Take the mark and walk away free"

Holy Saviour, murdered by the masses
Sacrificed so man could go free
Patient Father, waiting for the harvest
Reaching out for you and for me

And when the good news shimmers in the spotlight
Freedom finds a home on the stage
So come and join us; your life won't last forever
Its over with the turn of a page

As the stormclouds roll from the quest of Mount Zion
Will you turn away and be saved? 


I F   L O V E   B R I N G S   L O V E

G. Mann/K. Klingensmith

Alone in my thoughts, I wonder
Will it be you and me?
I've followed in shadows forever
Waiting for you to see
My heart is a fountain
Bursting with love it can no longer hide
Fear is the mountain
Crucified dreams if my hope is denied

So if love brings love, then let it
If not, then just forget it
It all depends on you

Awoke before dawn to follow
Any river to the sea
The sound of the waves was hollow
Like the feeling in me
Afraid to tell you
Hope buried deep in an ocean of pride
Would this compel you
To risk it with me, or to cast me aside?

But if love brings love, then let it
If not then just forget it
It all depends on you

Late at night you bring the light
To the backstreets of my mind
But in the daytime I cannot find
The words to make you mine

So if love brings love, then let it
If not, then just forget it
It all depends on you 

Alone in the light from your window
Won't you please let me in?


W A I T I N G   F O R   T H E   A L I E N S

G.Mann/K. Klingensmith 

Seen it on my TV for the past couple nights
Freaky, but it seems to be true
Captured earthlings vanish in a flicker of light
And there's nothing that the air force can do
The guys at work all say that its a message from space
An omen of the good things to come
An interstellar rescue for what's left of the race
Now that the troublemakers are gone

Its gonna be alright
They say its gonna be alright
That born-again buffoonery has been dealt with at last
And now we're one big happy family again

Sightings are abounding, so we know that they're here
To help us chart a new destiny
They've done away with Jesus and that hellfire fear
So we can get loose and be free
They're burning all the bibles 'cause it's cheap energy
They're turning all the churches to bars
No more silly fables or religious debris
We know our masters come from the stars

Seen it on my TV for the last couple weeks
Freaky, but it seems to be true
Everything sounds rosy when the new order speaks
Informing us of what we must do
So we're waiting for the aliens with our hearts open wide
Clinging to their every command
They say they're coming soon, so we should trust the new guy
Who wants to put that mark on our hand

Its gonna be alright
They say its gonna be alright
That born-again buffoonery has been dealt with at last
Now we're one big happy family again



B. Belew

Spiritual warriors in life
Battles with sword in hand
I will fight the good fight in life
Conquering I'll make my stand
And overcome the ties that day by day the world hides
Knowing that I've found a place upon the solid ground

I'll always be a warrior

When I started to carry the warrior's sword
Evils came my way
Even though I would see defeat sometimes
I would never let it lead me astray
And I began to see the way true life could be
The opportunity to reach a perfect destiny

I'll always be a warrior


N E V E R   F E L T   B E T T E R

B. Belew/K. Klingensmith

Some people call us wolves in sheep's clothing
They don't like the kind of music we play
"Dropped out of school, a pack of lazy young fools
They haven't even combed their hair today"
I have no intention to cause an intervention
In the way its thought my life ought to be
But why not take the time to walk a mile in my shoes
And you will see the way this world looks to me

And we've never felt better
Not looking back; got no tome to back track
Never better
And it still doesn't matter what they say
Rock and roll is here to stay

Stabbed in the back by a few we once trusted
Then left to bleed alone in the dirt
Unfounded lies behind innocent eyes
Without a thought about the ones that were hurt

This may be a disappointment, but we're not dead yet
It doesn't matter anymore what they say
'Cause the truth's in the music, and the music's in me
So I guess that means we're here to stay

And we've never felt better
Won't get embroiled in a fruitless turmoil
Never better
'Cause no matter what the critics might say, rock and roll is here to stay

Fame is a liar and a silver-lined hole
It says compromise is quicker to pay
Strike a vinyl gusher, let the good times roll
There's mammon in the message today
Still its all gonna burn, every cent that is earned
And its only just a manner of time
But with innocence dead, there is conflict instead
When 'Spirit led' becomes pantomime

But we've never felt better
Straight for the sky baby, do it or die
Never better
And its ok to be this way
'Cause rock and roll is here to stay



G. Mann/K. Klingensmith

Survival is not guaranteed in strange, tumultuous times
When the quest of our humanity strays from the narrow line
The cause of world insanities rests deeply on the few
Whose self-inflicted vanities require your servitude

In days of lies and subterfuge are times most opportune
To drain the living aptitude from those who feel entombed
A species cannot tolerate predation from within
With power indiscriminate and lack of discipline

So with the captains of these mighty nations awash in a sea of blind mistrust
The man on the street receives information designed to conceal the obvious
Throughout this madness, an offer of true and lasting peace
To soldier and philosopher, demoniac and priest

And when the curtain falls around us in megaton torment
Because the kings of men have failed again in obscene impudence
It will only be the ending of a strange, tumultuous dream
For those who've found the Saviour, waiting and willing



G. Mann

My God, my God! Why hast thou forsaken Me?
Be not far from Me, for trouble is near
For bulls have surrounded Me, they open wide their mouths at Me
I am poured out like water, all my bones are out of joint
My heart is like wax, melted within Me
Dogs have surrounded Me, and nailed my hands and feet
I can count every one of my bones, they look and curse and stare at Me

Mary, why do you weep? For now you see its Me
I've risen from the dead; the others shall come and see
God gave me the victory over satan and this world
I hold the keys to death and hell, proclaim my name to all the world