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(L-R) Gary Mann, Carolyn Joy, Monte Cooley, and Lance Johnson.
(from Monte)


Gazzarri's Marquee
Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip, Hollywood CA, 1979



Veteran's Theater
Santa Monica CA, Veterans Theatre,  1979
(L-R) Gary, Kris, Nancy Jo, Monte

Santa Monica, 1979
(L-R) Gary,  Nancy Jo, Kris, Monte


Chicago, Illinois  January, 1980
Monte Cooley warming up before the show.

Chicago, January, 1980
Kris is slammin'.

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Chicago, January, 1980



Illinois Jam Poster
Illinois Jam, July 17-19, 1981


Barnabas at the Illinois Jam, July 1981
This picture appeared in the Mar. 1983
Progressive Pacer Magazine interview.
(L>R) Gary, Kris, Nancy, Mick
(Progressive Pacer, probably taken by Quincy Newcomb-Smith)


New Year's Eve college concert, Minneapolis, 1981-2
This is the one-time only lineup with both Brian and Mick in the band.

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Mick on keys, Gary, Nancy, Kris, Brian

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Mick on bass, Gary on keys

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IowaBrian.jpg (26841 bytes)
Brian soloing on his Explorer

MickGaryNJ.JPG (28247 bytes)
Mick on guitar, Gary on bass, Nancy

MickGaryNJBrian.jpg (23889 bytes)
Mick, Gary, Nancy, Kris, Brian
(Above 6 pictures from Gary Mann)


Peoria Concert Poster
Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 11 & 12, 1982


Gary at Tulsa        Brian at Tulsa      Nancy Jo at Tulsa

Burnin' down the house at Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1982
(L) Gary      (M) Brian      (R) Nancy Jo



garybass.JPG (10111 bytes)
Gary Mann, Barnabas' bass player throughout,
(From Gary Mann)