Little Foxes Album Cover

L I T T L E   F O X E S

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"Here are the lyrics from the infamous "Little Foxes" album. I'm not including "Gospel Maniac" since that song doesn't really say anything. Cool title though, if I do say so myself. (Publisher's note- by popular request, Kris provided the lyrics in 2004 and I have added them below. - MichaelV)

This was one hell of a time, recording these songs. We weren't getting along with each other very well then; in fact we really didn't even rehearse this record much. We just went into the studio and wheezed around with the basics until we got something that was good enough to keep, and went on from there. Brian was a little upset about the lack of rehearsal, and rightfully so. It's clear from his performance that he was prepared; the guitar work on "Foxes" is some of the best he ever gave us. Gary was right on time too, as always.

In case anybody ever wondered... That really is Adolph Hitler at the beginning of "Auschwitz '87". The killer sax solo in "Lover" was performed by a session guy named Chris Hicks. He came in, listened to the track, knocked off three versions, and left.

My world-view has grown quite a bit since those strange, tumultuous days with Barnabas, and if I were to write a set of lyrics for yet another Barnabas project, they would be nothing like these. This work was the fruit of those times." -  Kris k., San Diego, CA,  7.19.97


"As mankind approaches this century's end, he is confronted by a future burdened with perils and uncertainties never before seen in history. But overpopulation. worldwide drug addiction, brutal political corruption and the very real threat of nuclear obliteration should not be viewed as contributors to civilization's eventual downfall, but as evidence of a civilization already fallen. Hatred, rebellion and immorality have found a willing home in the heart and mind of modern man, leaving him contemptuous, bitter, and trusting in nothing.. dead in his sin. Yet in this darkness God offers grace and forgiveness through his son Jesus Christ, who gave himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the world. To those of us who have availed ourselves to this sacrifice, he offers new life; freedom from fear, freedom from guilt, and confidence in one who has proven his love for us by dying a horrible death in our place to spare us from judgment. Those who reject his love and calling will continue on, dead in their sins, to eventually stand guilty before the judge who wanted desperately to be their savior and comforter. The choice has never been as clear as it is today: to choose Jesus, and to walk the narrow way with him means peace and security now and forever; to choose any other way is to join those on the way to destruction."  - Kris Klingensmith, 1986. From the back cover of "Little Foxes"


L I T T L E   F O X E S


I can still hear momma say
"Win or lose, its how you play"
Aw mom, no harm in a little sin
That's how its done today (Do it!)

Every evening after school
A couple joints, a couple brews
No harm done in a little fun
So don't tell me what to do 

Tell me children, have you heard
The devil's golden rule
A simple line used all the time
Spit on me, I'll spit on you

Little foxes destroy the vine
Satan laughs: "Your ASS is MINE"
"Kiss it goodbye, kiss it goodbye, kiss it GOODBYE"

Neatly disguised, you seek to have them all
In prideful hate, you bleed them white
They laugh us off, but then to you they crawl
You shoot them up with cheap delights 

Come on baby, loosen up
Let the fun begin
Never mind what momma said
To hell with discipline

Little by little, drop by drop
You'll hardly feel a thing
Until you stand before the Throne
To plead your case in vain

Little foxes spoil the vine 


G O S P E L   M A N I A C
(Published Here By Popular Demand)


Let's be honest and tell the truth
I'm far from perfect, and so are you
A couple skeletons under the bed
The carnal nature not always dead

But that doesn't mean you have to give up and die
It's time to take care of business
Time to stand up and fight
And when the world, the flesh and the devil attack
You say "back off, Jack -- I'm a Gospel Maniac!"

Grace under pressure; pressure under grace
With good intent they shove the Word in your face
Don't get excited; cool your jets
And don't forget your Christian etiquette

But don't ever think you're worse than the rest
You're not competing in a holiness contest
And when you feel your armor starting to crack
Pick up the slack -- you're a Gospel Maniac

You fight -- to understand
You fight -- to gain command
You fight -- with bloodied hands
You fight -- but you don't always make it

You're loved by the King, and the King is coming back
So get up and shout -- you're a Gospel Maniac

Let's be honest and tell the truth
We're far from perfect -- so sad but true
A couple skeletons under the bed
The carnal nature not always dead

But that doesn't mean you have to die in your sin
You have need of repentance -- let the Spirit come in
The Father adores you; He won't turn His back
The Son is your Brother -- you're a Gospel Maniac


D E S T R O Y   A F T E R   U S E


You're up to the neck
You may never see the sun again
One slip and the world will split like a bloody wound
So place your final bet
Roll the dice; try to pretend
You can go forever, but the end is coming soon

You've seen the signs; when you know you've been left behind
Remember what your dark lord said:
"I destroy after use"

Ignorant child
So proud in believing you're wild
But you're a dog in chains taking kicks from your master in hell
He's got his hooks in you
Will you take the triple-six tattoo
Or try for freedom? You and time will tell

You've seen the signs; any day you're going to find
The devil's got a line on you
To destroy after use

You're up to the neck
You may never have this moment again
One slip and the blade will split through your mortal hide
So get this in your head
Your life won't end when you're dead
And when the graves are open there will be no place to hide


A U S C H W I T Z   ' 8 7


Waiting in the shadows; striking from behind
An evil genius orchestrates a plague against mankind
Rabid dogs surround him, so quick to emulate
The voice from hell which casts its spell
And fans the flames of hate

Europe knelt before him, the Empire at his feet
The innocent were cruelly spent in orgies of deceit
Deeper now than ever, the depravity of men
So those who think those days are gone had better think again

While a blemished flock plans an easy escape
Tucked away safely in heaven
The world awaits her violent fate
Auschwitz '87

Unmindful of the millions who will die at his decree
A velvet-tongued destroyer will arise from troubled seas
His global plan is ready and waiting to begin
The western guard lies sleeping while a Trojan horse slips in

So we render unto Caesar 'till we're rendered penniless
Unmindful of the warnings, we increase our negligence
Sharper now than ever, the sword of Damocles
The noose grows ever tighter on a drugged democracy
While a blemished flock plans an easy escape...

Unmindful of the torment of butchered, unborn sons
Stabbing deep within the womb, the carnage has begun
The fuse burns ever shorter, through phony, worthless talks
Holocaust escaping from Pandora's lead-lined box

Saviour high in heaven, look down upon your bride
Tiny men, yet precious gems for whom you bled and died
Father high in heaven, we praise You through Your Son
Refine your people in the fire that surely has begun

While a blemished flock plans an easy escape
Tucked away safely in heaven
The world awaits her violent fate
Auschwitz '87


C H I N A   W H I T E


She's a double-cross
Demon powder queen
Bitch in the gutter
Master of kings
She's a too-cool torture
Top of the line
Dangerous lover; White Cadillac
She'll suck you dry and skin you alive tonight

She'll rip you up
This is one tough whore
She can eat out your eyes, boys
Keep you coming for more
She's a too-cool torture
Her wish is your command
In over your heads, boys; you're playing with fire
She's licking your soul from her hands tonight

So straighten up
Turn toward the Son
He's your only salvation
The only true One
Don't be a too-cool loser
Just to run with the herd
The ride isn't worth it; stop playing with fire
Stop lighting the fuse on your world tonight


S I N S   O F  T H E   F A T H E R S


Timeless, on the edge of any city
A field of weathered stones
Watching, all alone
Marks the fitful resting place
Of silent, stirring bones
Some that pass before us
We, in guilt, cannot let go

An old man runs his hands through tattered memories
Of dreams that wouldn't wait
The future; much too late
One foot caught in yesterday, the other near the grave
Conveniently removed from sight
With little fight, he fades away

So many things remain unsaid
So many signals never read
Behold the unenlightened truth
Of blind, unfeeling youth

Growing up, a child is surrounded
Towering above, so rudely pushed and shoved
By those who've lost the child-heart
Demanding, without love
Limping into parenthood
The son becomes what father was

So many things remain unsaid
So many signals never read
Behold the pitiful results
Of unfulfilled adults

The rivers of our lives run
Under many bridges burned
No river runs forever
Is a lesson sorely learned

So little time for things unsaid
So little time before we're dead
Behold life's bright and fragile flower
So easily devoured

Timeless, on the edge of any memory
A figure stands alone
A knife-blade, keen and cold
That wounds the heart of every man
Who's love was never told
Some that pass before us
We, in guilt, cannot let go


A L L   A L O N E


Secret dreams rising up in the dead of night
All alone; its a weakness that's hard to break
Another summer fades away like the evening light
Another year, as your confidence starts to shake

Do you someone who will hold you close?
Do you need a friend who won't leave you all by yourself?
Do you need someone you can call your own?
All alone, all alone

The peaceful moon reflects in tears of your solitude
Look around, but there's no one to share the blame
Unwilling loner in an unfeeling multitude
Play the fads, but the face in the mirror won't change

So now you find yourself in places you shouldn't be
In the dark, where the music can hide your sorrow
Sometimes you come so close to finding the love you need
But one more drink, and you're back on that road tomorrow


S U I T E   F O R   T H E   S O U L S
O F   O U R   E N E M I E S
P A R T   I I :   L O V E R


Another lonely night
Surrounded by breathing
I called him dynamite (liar)
Shot and sleeping, he believes me

You boys are all talk
Sexually nowhere
Alone, in the dark
Nice try, but the spark isn't there

These men are a virus
They come, and go
Take their fill and sneak away
I'm a needle in a negligee
Come to me, lover

When I hit the streets
The mongrels are seething
Tourists love the city at night
Me, I see demons breeding
"Hey pop, over here
I've got something for you"
(Poor slob, smelling of beer
Nice suit, for an old buffoon)

I don't need this shrink to fit life
I need somebody to help me
Can anyone set me free?
Come to me, lover

Another lonely life
Surrounded by choices
Choices made outside of light
Controlled by hidden voices
Sometimes we're all talk
Spiritually nowhere
In our hearts, the key to new life
Sometimes, afraid to show it

Lives so tragic; they come and go
Crossing our paths every day
So easy to turn them away
Yet we are called as lovers