Find Your Heart A Home Album Cover

F I N D   Y O U R   H E A R T   A   H O M E

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Recorded in the Autumn of 1981 at Westminist'r Sound, Otho Iowa
Engineered by Rick Hope
Produced by Barnabas


F I N D   Y O U R   H E A R T   A   H O M E

M. Donner / K. Klingensmith

Caught a soggy paper as it blew 'cross my path
As I walked to work in the rain
Tales of war like none before and bleak aftermath
Helpless victims suffer again
Times are getting tougher for the man on the street
But the ladies there are doing quite well
Black lace and leather and a fun place to sleep
Roll the dice and wake up in hell

Comes a time to realize that life ain't what it's cracked up to be
So what's it mean to really be free?
You've got to find your heart a home

Crawling from the wreckage of another romance
Broken hearts lie dead on the street
Dust it off, put it back, wait for the next chancee
Funny how those wounds never heal
Setting sights on future nights, but when they arrive
Its just a case of more of the same
Doing everything it takes to merely survive
Flee the pan and fall to the flame

The evil you see looks just as evil to me
The only difference is I know the reason
And all the prophets of doom are not a minute too soon
Its no secret that we're in our last season
And the words that we write; we make darn sure that they bite
Although we know that they could get us in trouble
But there's a serpent in town who wants to push you around
We think its time we busted his bubble


T H E   C O N F L I C T   O F   D E S I R E

M. Donner / K. Brauninger / K. Klingensmith

The conflict of desire sucks the spirit dry
Inside madness haunts us; outside, eyes are dry
Hungry little baby cries throughout the night
But mother's breasts are busy, because the price is right

Fornicate with millions through the lens of the camera eye
Open wide for children as they stand in the grocery line
Get it on with pictures 'till the loneliness goes away
Disbelieving anyone knows

The holy life eludes us, a mirage upon the sand
The passions that torment us, we jump at their command
Like the tiny, fragrant flower that traps the hungry fly
To set our soul on things below will choke us 'till we die

We set our brains on fire with the spark from an angry heart
Running out to feed our flesh as soon as the sky is dark
As lightning tears the sky apart, so will His next coming be
'Till then creation groans to be free

The mercy seat is sprinkled with the blood of a gentle heart
Broken as His body to restore what was torn apart
Frightened lambs cry out to Him, then flee when they hear His voice
Victims of our freedom of choice


W A Y   T O   D E S T R U C T I O N

G. Mann

Running down the road you think you're on
Trying to sing a new song
Looking out for the people out to get you
You want the good life, but they won't let you

Broad is the way to destruction

Getting up on Sundays for a church-go
You sit and hear the words flow
You read your bible once in a while
When there's nothing on the T.V. idol

Broad is the way to destruction

You think you're alright 'cause you said a prayer
But you see your brother hurting, and you don't care
A tree is known by its fruit, that's what Jesus said
Set your heart on him and walk the narrow way instead

Narrow is the way, and few are those that find it Narrow is the way that leads to life


B O O G I E   T Y M E !

M. Donner / K. Klingensmith

Its a genuine occasion
Totally Caucasian
Looking for a hot romance
'Till you throw up on your brand new pants
Wake up in a soggy place

Snail crawlin' on your face
Stumble out to find your car
Without your keys you won't get far

BOOGIE TYME! Dancing to destruction
BOOGIE TYME! Buried in corruption
BOOGIE TYME! The end is closer than you think
BOOGIE TYME! The road to hell is soft and pink!

Killer on the dancin' floor
Prideful child, nothing more
Lick the mirror you look into
Drink that cup of harlot's brew
Disco fairies set the pace
Urban cowboys joined the race
Reggae fever comin' soon
But Jesus might be back in June

Bottle on the table
Quit if you was able
Eviction comin' any day
Time to throw it all away
Sin's delight is like the air
Its' end is always in despair
Pack it up and turn it in
Start it all over again  


Kris K. says.. This dreadful little song has always been one of my favorites, mainly because its my understanding that one of the many dopey Christian magazines that existed back then voted "Boogie Tyme" the WORST song of 1981.  No argument here; after all, that was the point of the song all along.  Alas, there were many who didn't get the joke...



M. Donner / K. Klingensmith

When I was young I was given a sword
Told to put it to use, just a child turned loose
Not knowing better, I took everything on
Picked a fight with the evening, shook my fist at the dawn

But then I was shown from where the sword came
Given a purpose, and my enemy's name
The sword is the word
And victory is my purpose
The enemy is evil
But my strength is in God

Time was my teacher as I practiced my trade
Learning that swordsmen aren't created, but made
I studied the craft of the swordsmen of old
Learning to fight, learning how to be bold

Now I grow old, and I teach the young
Of the battles ahead, and the prize to be won
And yet every day I must unsheathe my sword
And drink from the cup that the Master has poured


S O U T H E R N   W O M A N

G. Mann / K. Klingensmith

Southern woman finds it hard to get along
She just can't seem to get it right
Southern woman knows there must be something wrong
A different man 'most every night
But every time she tries to pack her things and go
Another problem knocks her down

Southern woman got a spirit from below
Won't let her leave this southern town
Southern woman sticks the needle in her arm
She tells herself this is the one
She takes her welfare check and runs it in her arm
She's got no food to feed her son

But food ain't cheap and money don't come easily 
The boys' old man don't come around
On nighttime corners southern woman can be found
Turning tricks in southern town

Southern woman finds a bible in the road
She takes it home with her that night
Southern woman's gonna lose that heavy load
Seems she's finally seen the light



G. Mann

Our lives are but a vapor
Vanishing in the air
You breathe and laugh and cry awhile
Then you just ain't there
The world goes on and on
In days your memory's gone
Is this all that there can be
I'm searching for a dawn, a morning star

Throw away the paper
Don't want to be brought down
Stick your head into the sand
Don't ever look around
Reality is all around
Get high and just forget
But coming back down off your stuff
You still don't see yet, your morning star

My eyes do not see the reason I'm here
Scattered through my days are hours full of fear
Stay away from me -- leave me alone
There is no one who will care
My God, my Lord above, please show me
Show me, where is my Morning Star?