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Official site of the band Barnabas
The Dream Will Never Die

Barnabas was a hard rock/metal group started by guitarist Monte Cooley in Los Angeles in 1977.
The group performed until 1986. For much more, read our FAQ. Also, read the history page.

"Barnabas was an incredibly revolutionary band. They were the forefathers of Christian speed metal, truly a group way before its time. In every way, lyrically and musically, Barnabas represented true excellence. No matter what price you have to pay, all of these albums are must-haves for any serious Christian music fan. Barnabas rocks, now and forever." - John Duncan
Read more tributes to this incredible band.

1/17/2017: MichaelV will be retiring the leconte.com domain and the Barnabas homeplanet in March 2017.
For more, see the "Sabanab" (Barnabas spelled backward) News Page.

5/28/14: The "manifest" message board has been taken offline permanently. For more, see the "Sabanab" (Barnabas spelled backward) News Page.

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