Find Your Heart A Home Album Cover
H E A R   T H E   L I G H T

"Recorded in 1979 with no budget at three L.A. studios which we actually sneaked into during down time.  These tracks are, for the most part,  live recordings, with a few vocal and guitar overdubs diced in.

Engineered by David Storrs.  Nobody really produced." - Kris K., 1997

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Monte Cooley

A decree went out from Caesar
Let the people be numbered
Each in the town of his birth
Let the people obey
A young couple came
To the city of David
She gave birth to the Son of the Lord
In a manger He lay

Jesus of Nazareth
God's only Son
He gave his life as our Saviour
Our lives have only begun

The Son of God; the Son of man
Christ Messiah
Miracles flowed from His hands
But His message was love
He chose twelve from thousands
To witness His teaching
For He knew that He soon must return
To His Father above

Thirty pieces of silver
And Judas betrayed Him
They crucified Christ on a cross
 Where everybody could see
He died to pay for our sin
And our salvation is free know
"Eternal life is God's gift to the world
 If you believe in Me"


T H E R E ' S   A   N E W   W O R L D  

Monte Cooley

Hey people, did you know a new world's coming?
Hey people, have you heard; it won't be long
Its coming soon, I've heard them say
And you, my friend, can be there too
When Jesus Christ comes back to stay
The choice is really up to you

Well its all right; this world ain't worth a dime
Hold on tight; it might happen any time
See the light; open your eyes
You know there's a new world coming
And Christ is coming too
And I can't wait 'till He gets back
Watch out; I'm talking about
A new world coming

I want an angel for a next door neighbor
Hey, Gabriel just might drop in for tea
Isaiah lives two blocks away
By Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John
I saw Jeremiah yesterday
And he brought James and Paul along...


D I R E C T O R Y   A S S I S T A N C E

Monte Cooley

There's someone that I know would like to talk to you
There's someone that I know who gave His life for you
His love is best of all; He'll hear you if you call
The phone's never off the hook in heaven

Don't need no operator or assistance line
He's paid the charge; salvation won't cost you a dime
Hey, you can call collect; go ahead and dial direct
The phone's never off the hook in heaven

His hotline's always open
He leaves His hotline open, waiting just for you
He'd love for you to call
So go ahead and call, and let His love break through

Long distance rates are great; it's free, no need to wait
The phone's never off the hook in heaven
His love is best of all; He'll hear you if you call
The phone's never off the hook in heaven

This song was originally the A side of our promotional 45rpm single.
The B side  featured another tune written by Monte, titled


L I T T L E   F A I T H

Monte Cooley

The night was black, the air was still
The stars refused to shine
Twelve men set out upon the sea
Their Master, left behind
The hours flew, the night grew cold
But still no shore in sight
The wind whispered a warning
In the third watch of the night

A storm came up on Galilee
The wind began to moan
The rolling sea grew angrier
Twelve men felt so alone
And suddenly they saw a shape
Come walking on the sea
A ghostly vision of a man
Where no man could be

The twelve men all cried out in fear
Perhaps they even prayed
But Jesus answered from the waves
"It's me; don't be afraid"
And Peter in his eagerness
Said, "If it's really you
"Just say the word and I'll come walking
On the water, too"

Then Peter stepped out on the sea
But he began to doubt
And looking down he felt afraid
And sinking, he cried out:
"Lord save me! Save me Lord!" he cried
And Jesus took his hand
"Oh ye of little faith" He said
As He helped Peter stand

Now if you have a little faith
Reach out, He'll take your hand
He'll save you from yourself and lead you
To the Promised Land
You'll never make it on your own
Your life's a stormy sea
Why don't you just reach out your hand
To the Man from Galilee


H E   L O V E S   Y O U

Monte Cooley

Well, take a look around; tell me, what do you see?
The world's fallin' apart like one, two, three
Or maybe you think everything's all right
You ain't got no need to "see the light"
Well, no matter who you are
A bum in the gutter, or a rock n' roll star
He loves you

Now you might wonder if we're talking to you
Because God wouldn't want you with the things you do
But that's not the way that Jesus is
He loves us all, and what a love He gives
Hey, no matter what you've done
Or what you do, you can be His son
He loves you

Well, you don't have to change your ways
Just give your life to Him and you'll be amazed
If we could be good we wouldn't need Him
That's why He died; to pay for our sin
Just ask the Lord to be your friend
He'll give you peace and forgive your sin
He loves you


B . C .

Gary Mann

If you have trouble coming to Jesus, my friend
'Cause its so easy; just believe and He'll mend
Your broken heart
And give you eternal life

I used to hate God, churches, and all
But I took His new life when I heard His call
Into my heart
And I took His gift of love

Strangeness inside; wonders and chills
Then tears, like rain; such sweet, sweet pain
I knew His love
He left my hate far behind


P L A Y I N '   F O R   H I M

Gary Mann

Before I came to the Lord, I played in a rock and roll band
We were out on the road, and played a lot of one night stands
Well, the Lord said "Don't stop, but now I want you playing for Me
"Get out and make joyful noise, and sing about Christ from Galilee"
"Marshalls and drums, cymbals and bass
Get out and blow 'em away; playin' for Me
You'll be playin' for me"

Mybe you think this is a funny thing for Christians to do
But we love Jesus, and we would like to show Him to you
God sent His Son to die on the cross for your sins
We'll make all the noise we can, so you'll believe in Him
Marshalls and drums, cymbals and bass
Get out and blow 'em away; playin' for Him

Christ Jesus the Lord, you know He's coming back pretty soon
And if you reject Him, you know you've sealed your own doom
The Lord Jesus, he wants to stand by your side
He's giving you heaven; if you say "no", hell opens wide
Marshalls and drums, cymbals and bass
We're up here making all of this noise
To tell you of Him
We want you to know Him
We're gonna sing about Him


N O   M O R E   B L U E S

Monte Cooley
(thanks to Mike Brown for scanning and emailing me the lyrics...MV)

Well I've got somethin'--- mean to tell you I've got somethin'
I wanna lay on you right now
I mean to tell you that I've got somethin' I mean to tell you
I've got somethin'
I wanna lay on you right now
There's a lotta people saying' they've got the blues
An' how they're tired of payin' all of them dues
Hey baby--- got somethin' I wanna lay on you lay on you right now

Well you can take it how you want to
It's up to you to open up that door
But Jesus Christ gave His life so that you could live
Ahh don't you know it was you He died on that cross for
Well, I've given my life to Jesus
And I want to tell you that I ain' t got those blues no more
Well you can try an' try an' try
To find just a little bit of happiness to keep you goin'
But I just gotta tell you somethin' that you ain't gonna find nothin'
You ain't gonna find nothin' in this world
Worth lookin' for
But you can give your life to Jesus
He' ll take away all the pain and all the emptiness inside
And you won't have to have those blues no more


F A T H E R   O F   L I E S

Monte Cooley

A lot of people think i'm a cute little guy
With pointy horns and a cute little tail
Well, that's fine with me, 'cause i get my work done
If people don't believe that i'm real

i'm lucifer
The father of lies
Just call me satan; don't act so surprised
i'm the prince of darkness; i'm coming after you
'Cause i want your soul, and to hell with you

Some people actually worship my name
They think that i'm really cool
They even believe that i care for them
Some people are such little fools

i know i haven't got too much time
Pretty soon we're all gonna burn
i'd really love to take you along
When we get there you're gonna learn


I T ' S   U P   T O   Y O U

Monte Cooley

I saw heaven open, and behold! A white horse
With a Rider Who is Faithful and True
His eyes are flames of fire, and on His head are many crowns
In righteousness He'll judge and make war

Whose side are you gonna be on when Jesus returns?
You better make your decision now that you've heard
Its up to you

His is the kingdom; His is the power
And the glory forever, amen
Praises to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Blessed be the name of the Lord

You know the time is coming; every day is closer
To the day when Jesus Christ will return
You know He'll keep His promise; He said He'd be coming
And the time is running out for this world