Gary Mann, 2003.
With his recently purchased Dean Razor.
Gary's back in the bass!

(Gary Mann)


kris k. and John Cantrell, Jan. 2002
Kris k. and John Cantrell hanging out 
in San Diego, 2002
(Kris k.)


Two shots of Kris drumming with Danny Louis in another
short-lived project called "Southwest". 1998.
(Kris k.)


Law.jpg (34652 bytes)
Danny Louis and the Law, 1998
Kris k. at far left, Danny next to Kris.
This smashmouth band never quite got off the ground.

Earlier in the 90's, Danny Louis had been the replacement for
Kevin DuBrow in a short-lived Quiet Riot lineup.


Terri (Buzzgirl) and Kris k., 1998

These following six shots are from Kris and Kerry's
 visit several years ago to the Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Let us say for now that they did not tour the facilities with
the requisite and expected reverence.
Captions by kris.

tbnkris1.jpg (11801 bytes)
The Pearly Gates, Orange County-style.

tbnkris2.jpg (36857 bytes)
So where's the blackjack table?

tbnkris3.jpg (29697 bytes)
Snoopin' in the studio.

tbnkerry1.jpg (20238 bytes)
Kerry's feeling the Power, even out back by the dumpsters.

tbnkerry2.jpg (72796 bytes)
Kerry going for the souls sign.  This is like the sign in front of
MacDonalds that proudly boasts the billions and billions of hamburgers
served.  Kerry figured this one would look pretty cool hanging behind
the bar at Dick's Last Resort.  I talked him out of it.

tbnkerry3.jpg (51211 bytes)
Waiting for Jan Crouch!

Here are a couple of the shots I captured from
Terri and Kris' visit to the Hillcrest Live! Cam
in San Diego on Sept. 7, 1999.

netsnap6.jpg (13944 bytes)

netsnap7.jpg (13731 bytes)