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1/23/2017: Well, gang, the time has come to say goodbye. After 20 years, I, MichaelV, will be retiring the domain, and the homeplanet website, in March 2017.

Ending the homeplanet is a somewhat hard decision, but ultimately, it is time. A big reason is that my hosting company, Spry, is ending support for the back-level Linux software on the server . The server will be shut down by Spry in March, and I would need to find a new hosting server and migrate all my remaining clients and websites, which I'm choosing not to do. Web work is no longer making money for me, and it's time to put that aside and move on to new things.

Also, as noted three yearsa ago in the 2014 update below, and noted again now in 2017, there has not been any contact between myself and any of the former members of Barnabas in years now. The last time I talked with Kris Klingensmith in the very late 00's, he felt like he had done all he could do to ensure the band's legacy, and he was content with that. There was no real interest in a Barnabas band reunion by any of the former members other than Kris and Nancyjo Mann, and Nancyjo has had an additional number of serious health setbacks in recent years that put her out of commission for a time, according to her Facebook page. During that time, Kris has pretty much vanished from sight, not responding to emails, and then his emails and phone numbers went out of service.

A number of fans have tried to keep a Barnabas Facebook page going, with collaborations with Nancyjo, as she's been able to participate. That venture was done without any collaboration with homeplanet or MichaelV, and they have linked to this site and used graphics and materials from here. I personally have never used Facebook - meaning had my own page- and don't plan to, although I've occasionally read posts on the Barnabas FB page. After several years of existence, it doesn't appear that the Facebook page will do anything much beyond keeping a few fans in touch with each other and with Nancyjo. This is due to the same reasons as I cited above- the other Barnabas members are choosing not to be currently involved with anything that has to do with the concept of a band called Barnabas. It was something they did three decades ago. Nancyjo is limited in what she can do personally and on her own as a former member of the band. Barnabas was a collective of three and four very strong-willed individuals who all had unique talents they gave to the band. Barnabas wasn't just Nancyjo, not just Kris, not just Gary, not just Brian, not just any of the others who came and went. It was a collective effort. No one of them can be Barnabas on their own.

Ultimately, for a rock band that ended 31 years ago, if there was going to be anything beyond the playing and recording they did in the 80's, Barnabas would have to have several of its historic members collaborate. At this point, in 2017, it isn't going to happen. There were several times in the past 17 or so years when some of the members were actually in contact with each other, but both distance and money prevented them from actually getting together, if in fact they really did want to. That hasn't changed, and it's not going to, as all the band members are entering or are in their 60's in age.

There really aren't any other things that can happen based on the historical Barnabas band. The work truly was completed in the early 2000's when Kris k. spearheaded the CD reissues. The band's legacy will live on in its fans.

I'm glad to have been a part of all this by getting in touch with Kris in 1997, getting the word back out about Barnabas, and helping Kris get the ball rolling on the CD reissues. It's been a lot of fun seeing the old pictures and revisiting the 80's . I've also enjoyed being in touch with a number of Barnabas fans over the years. If any of you see this, please write me and keep in touch. My email address is still the same.

Blessings to all. Thank you for supporting both the homeplanet, and Barnabas. It's been a fun twenty years!

-- Michael V, homeplanet publisher


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2014 update:: Not a lot has been happening in Barnabas space in recent years. There has not been any new content or really news of any kind to report in almost five years. The homeplanet site will continue to be available as long as I (MichaelV) continue to operate my web business and lease a web server. The idea is to continue to provide a web-based respository of Barnabas information, especially as we near the point where it's been 30 years since the band broke up. I've not had any contact with Kris K. or Nancy Jo in recent years, and am no longer sure how to contact either of them, especially since Kris has moved and the old contact info I had for him is no longer good. Perhaps one of them will see this and respond via email.

Last year, we had an unfortunate problem with the LeConte webserver which resulted in the "manifest" message board becoming non-functional. This was on the heels of a mishap that occurred about four years ago that caused all the existing entries to be lost. This time, the entries were intact but the software could not access them. Not being a PHP/MySQL genius, I was facing many hours of troubleshooting and trying to learn the root cause of it. I decided, in the face of declining participation in the "manifest" and online bulletin boards becoming obsolete in the era of social media, to discontinue the "manifest" permanently. I understand that some of the few remaining posters and fans have created a Facebook page, and I hope that the FB page does well in allowing the fans to communicate with each other.

Barnabas still lives on in 2014, even though the "glory" fan years of the late 1990's and early 2000's with all the CD re-releases and other excitement is long behind us. I encourage anyone who comes across this site and what I'm writing here today to wander about the site and see what all the excitement was about. If you don't have Barnabas' music, it's still out there on eBay and other places. Go buy a copy of the CDs and FEEL THE FIRE.

All my best, MichaelV, homeplanet publisher and web host (since 1997)


I have archived the Sabanrab news for the first ten years


homeplanet - how it started and why

The idea for the homeplanet was born after I revisited their album Feel The Fire in February, 1997 and indeed FELT THE FIRE of Barnabas. I published the original homeplanet on my company site later that month.

Not too long after that, I was put in touch with Kris by Chris Droessler of Barnabas Multimedia (no connection). Kris was a new Internet user at the time and was searching for any references to Barnabas on the Web.

Kris was overjoyed to see that there was still interest in the works of Barnabas out there, and has been an active participant in the homeplanet ever since! He gave the official sanction to the site, and we were off and running.

Barnabas' music has reached a lot of people, and it will certainly reach a lot more. This is our contribution to that cause. The message of Barnabas needs to be heard more than ever in this new millennium, with many of the evils they warned about growing out of control.


B A R N A B A S    L I V E S !