Welcome to homeplanet 2009!

This February marked the twelfth year of the homeplanet! I'm amazed that we've kept this website going for this long, but it could never have happened without God's making it possible, Kris k., the other Barnabas members, and my fellow fans out there.. Thanks go to everyone.

As has been the case for the past five years, there's not been any big developments to note here.

In 2008, Nancy and Kris talked again about collaborating on a new recording. Hopefully, this project will bear fruit after the unofficial ending of the KaJ band project.

The idea of a "mannyfest" - a physical gathering of fans in some central location - continues to be discussed, although there still are no definite plans at this point.

Kris k. continues to DJ on the Blacklight Radio Internet radio station. Kris is working both Thursday and Saturday nights, generally from around 9-1 Eastern time, although the hours sometimes vary. We are hoping to produce another "Online Mannyfest" on the Blacklight West radio program.

We appreciate ALL of you Barnabas fans - hang in there with us and enjoy the ride!

* * * * *

Michael V.
homeplanet publisher


Welcome to homeplanet 2004!

This February marked the seventh year of the homeplanet! 2004 thus far has seen the release of the last Barnabas reissue CD. This CD was created by Retroactive Records and is being distributed by It is a compilation of the Feel the Fire and Little Foxes albums on a single CD. The CD was mastered from original vinyl LPs because the master tapes for those sessions have regrettably vanished.

Another development, although not directly connected to Barnabas, is Kris k. DJ'ing on the SavageRock Internet radio station. Kris is working both Thursday and Saturday nights, generally from around 9-1 Eastern time, although the hours sometimes vary. Kris frequently plays Barnabas songs as part of his programming, and even had a Barnabas-only evening this summer, which was very well received. He played every single Barnabas song that has been recorded that he has access to and that sounds at least half-way decent.

Kris is very excited about the "SavageRock West" program- tune in for evenings of great music, satire, commentary, and fun!

The homeplanet changed servers yet again in May 2004, with some downtime in the availability of the homeplanet and the manifest. I never could get the old manifest program (WebBBS) running on the new server, but we were able to get the new one (phpBB) running again. Whew! At some point this fall, I will try to get the old manifest running again so we can access the old entries.

The idea of a so-called "MannyFest" - a gathering of fans in some central location - continues to be discussed, although there are no definite plans at this point. It may not be feasible due to the widespread locations of our Barnabas community.

Kris and Terri are planning a return to New York City in August 2004.. they are going to meet with Val Hampson and others there, and are going to get on one of the Times Square webcams to say hello to everyone.

No new word on the KaJ Band project. Some work has been done on it, but with Kris' work schedule and John Cantrell's new baby, nothing looks to be forthcoming in 2004. Maybe in 2005? We shall see.

Manifest continues to welcome new subscribers weekly, and the online community of fans grows.

Kris believes that the work is done now with the final CD reissue. However, I feel that we'll see interesting new things coming about in the next few years as Barnabas approaches 20 years apart. It's really hard to believe it has now been 18 years..

We appreciate ALL of you Barnabas fans - hang in there with us and enjoy the ride!

* * * * *

Jan.7: Welcome to homeplanet 2003!

Yet another year has arrived in Barnabas space. This February will mark the SIXTH year of the homeplanet! We have passed the 83,000 hit mark on the site.

2002 was another uneventful year for Barnabas and fans.

We had hoped to see the release of the Feel the Fire and Little Foxes CD reissues by M8 Distribution. However, the CDs were never released, and there have been rumors that M8 has ceased business operations.

We fans are greatly disappointed that M8 has failed to produce the CDs. Kris k. has been investigating other means of making official CDs available to the public. In the meantime, a number of Barnabas fans have been making unofficial copies of the two CDs.

There are a number of problems with producing official CDs at this point, but hopefully they can be resolved and finally made available this year to come.

Kris and Terri visited New York City this past year and met Val and several other Barnabas fans for the first time. John Cantrell and Kris also met in San Diego. The idea of a so-called "MannyFest" - a gathering of fans in some central location - continues to be discussed, although there are no definite plans at this point.

* * * * *

As we enter this new year, unfortunately there are no other new announcements to make regarding Barnabas.

The band members being so spread out geographically now, among other factors,  has pretty much eliminated the possibility of any sort of reunion.

It does not appear likely that any new music will be produced due to the busy lives of those who had expressed interest in writing and recording.

These things had been talked about during the past four years, but, again, it's just not likely to come to pass. Still, it never hurts to email the members, or post on the manifest, and express your desire and support as fans for whatever sort of collaboration you would like to see them participate in.

Barnabas's members are content with their legacy as one of the 80's best rock bands. They do enjoy hearing from everyone, and it's good to express our support and appreciation for what they have accomplished.

The Barnabas homeplanet will continue to be available as a meeting place for fans and band members, and as a repository of band pictures, lyrics and history.

Speaking on behalf of the band, they appreciate all of you who have supported and been a part of homeplanet these past six years, and I appreciate you as well!

Michael V.
homeplanet publisher

Jan.10: Welcome to homeplanet 2002!

Yet another year has arrived in Barnabas space. This February will mark the FIFTH year of the homeplanet! We have just passed the 60,000 hit mark on the site.

2001 was a relatively uneventful year for Barnabas and fans. We had hoped to see the release of the Feel the Fire and Little Foxes CD reissues by M8 Distribution, but there have been delays and the current promise date is May, 2002. 

Keep your fingers crossed, but uncross them long enough to email M8 and ask them to haul it and get those CDs out to us!

Some tentative-to semi-definite-we're getting there! plans were laid in 2001 for a Barnabas Convention (so to speak!) to be held in Amarillo, Texas during the summer. Check back to get the details and date as we firm things up.

The possibility of new recordings of music representing collaborations among Kris, John Cantrell, John Grafton, and Mick Donner continues. Some of this may be completed this year and be made available online.

We haven't heard much from Nancy Jo or Brian in the past year, but from all indications, they are both doing well in their respective lives. No new word on their joining us online, though.

Gary Mann has taken a more active participation in the manifest, and we welcome the opinions, insight, and humor from the founding bassist of the band.

Former neighbors, roadies, and other friends of the band continue to appear via postings on the manifest and email.


B A R N A B A S    L I V E S  ! !


FROM 2001:

Jan. 3:  Homeplanet is about to turn four years old, in February. We've seen a lot of happenings in Barnabas space since 1997.

In 2000, the long awaited CD release of Approaching Light Speed took place. In addition, a pet project of Kris' took shape- the CD release of a collection of what he termed "Artifacts and Relics". A&R contains tracks by Monte Cooley's project band the Bethlehem White Sox, several cuts from Nancy's Value of Life album, as well as some cassette recordings from a Barnabas rehearsal with both Brian Belew and Mick Donner. 

New visitors from all over the world continue to find the homeplanet daily, and join a loyal bunch of regulars on the manifest, the homeplanet message board, in discussions of the band's works and lots of other topics.

Kris anticipates a mid-2001 release of the fabulous Feel The Fire CD.

Rumors of a reunion project continue to surface.


FROM 2000:

May 1: The tapes have surfaced!

Kris has located the 'safety master' tape for ALS! This is the ready to record final mix of the album. He also located the tape of Bob Cook's 'Control Voice' from 'Waiting for the Aliens'.  

There is a very good chance that Nancy still has the 'safety master' for FTF! 

This means that the CD reissues of these two landmark albums will be mastered from tape! The mix will be just like the vinyl versions, but with NO processing required! Plus, on CD, we will hear low frequencies that had to be omitted from the vinyl albums. Kris says that the mix was just too hot and intense for vinyl! 


FROM 1999:

December 29: 1999 has been an extraordinary year for Barnabas and the homeplanet!

We have seen the release of the first re-issue CD package in December, with plans for not only the remaining three albums to be released in 2000 but a bonus CD of rehearsal and concert performances as well. 

Kris, Monte Cooley, Mick Donner, and Gary Mann have all contributed substantially by their participation in the homeplanet website.. they have written articles, sent pictures, talked with fans.. you name it.

The momentum continues to build for a possible reunion concert and recordings by several members of the band.

As the final hours tick away to the beginning of the next thousand years, and the third anniversary of the Barnabas homeplanet approaches in February, I thank God for the opportunities He has given us to celebrate the work of Barnabas, and to meet here on the Internet. This is quite a fellowship of fans and believers, and I want to thank all of you for being a part of this excitement. There is much more to come!


October 4:  I know, I know, this is unbelievable! The first CD release - a single CD containing all the songs from Hear the Light and Find Your Heart a Home, will be available for purchase in late November, 1999!  

This release will include a very nicely done CD booklet with pictures, reminiscences, and articles. Kris has worked very hard on designing, writing, creating the artwork for, and printing the booklet. In his words: "We are only going to do this once, so I want to do it RIGHT!" He has definitely put long hours and a great deal of thought into the booklet, and we are going to really have something! Kris, we appreciate your commitment to seeing the project through.. and nobody but you knows what all was involved. Thanks, brother..

The first 350  copies of the CD will be signed by members of the band, and will be true collector's items.

Beginning in February, 2000, M8 Distributing will also be selling the first CD. These mass distribution CDs will not be signed, however, so if you want one of the 'good ones', order from as soon as they are available in November! The link you need to order a CD from appears on the homeplanet's home page.

Sales of this very first CD will help pave the way financially for the release of the next three CDs, which will be individual releases of Approaching Light Speed, Feel the Fire, and Little Foxes. These CD sets are currently slated for release sometime in 2000. Each one of these CDs will include a booklet with pictures, reminiscences, stories, etc. pertaining to that album and that period of Barnabas' life.

There is a possibility we might hear several new songs from Barnabas on one of the later CD releases in addition to the vintage material!


September 17:  Kris is moving forward on creating the first CD release - which should be a single CD containing all the songs from Hear the Light and Find Your Heart a Home. This release will include a very nicely done CD booklet with pictures, reminiscences, and articles. This first release should be set to go by mid-fall, if all goes well.

The retrospective CDs for the other three Barnabas albums will take a bit longer but it's probably safe to say we can see them early in 2000.

There have been many obstacles in getting the retro CD packages going, and we do apologize for the LONG delay. We want to see the CDs out there as much as you fans want to get your hands on them!

Kris is still negotiating with several distributors to handle the CDs, although we intend to sell most of them directly.

Brian Belew has re-entered the electronics field.. Kris talks to him on a regular basis. We are hoping Brian will get online very soon and join us! The quest to get Brian's spiderweb guitar rebuilt and back to him continues..


July 6:  Gary Mann, Barnabas' only bass player from the beginning, has posted and made his presence known in the manifest. Gary has been online and reading the manifest entries for some time now. Welcome, Gary!

Since the March 17 news, Kris has located Brian Belew, guitarist for Barnabas on the last three albums, and has talked to him several times now.

David Storrs, engineer for Barnabas in the early 80 LA days and for the album "Hear the Light", has been in touch with us.

The project to rebuild Brian's "Spiderweb" guitar is now off and running. We'll keep you posted as it develops.

The box set is still on hold, pending the resolution of ownership and fee structures and other legal and business issues.

Kris is getting ready to place print ads for Barnabas and the homeplanet in several mags... watch for them soon. We'll probably put an announcement of which mags and issues, etc., in the manifest. The plan is to raise awareness of the homeplanet through different channels.

Kris recently found a cache of old Barnabas pictures and paraphernalia which he has been scanning and sending to me. I plan to publish a lot of these goodies on site.  Also, we are hoping that Crystal "CJ" Johnson from Oklahoma City, who was a friend of the band in the Edmond days, will be sending us some images of the band's apartments and houses from that era.


March 17:  We continue to get emails from fans wanting to know how to purchase Barnabas' recordings. My advice is the same: visit the recordings page and browse the Websites of the online Christian music distributors we have listed there. Also.. instead of emailing us with your requests, post a message on the manifest message board and tell people that you want to buy or sell.. and you will get the word out to a lot of people in a hurry. Between the two methods, you'll have the best chance of selling or buying Barnabas' music.

We were very pleased to see Monte Cooley's recent posts on the manifest.

Kris and Jeff Bunk are  putting together a computer for Brian: they need a larger hard drive and faster processor.. send Kris an email if you have some parts you could donate to the cause.

As most of you know, Mick Donner's twins were recently born. Paddy did not survive, but Harry did. I want to thank all you homeplanet regulars who supported Mick and Mary in prayer and email during the difficult pregnancy and after the loss of Paddy. We thank God that Mary and Harry made it through okay.

The homeplanet hit counter will reach 10,000 today or tomorrow.. we are excited as the homeplanet reaches that milestone number in slightly over two years' time.


February 3: Kris is still hammering out the business details for the box set. Thanks go to John Grassi for helping with the contacts.

The John Grafton/Mick Donner/Kris Klingensmith collaborations continue..

Kris has been exceedingly busy at VIP Printing since last December.. they have put in a new press and done a lot of remodeling.

I received at least 10 new emails from fans since the 12/23 update. If you are a new visitor to the homeplanet, be sure and email us using the link on the left side frame at the bottom. Kris and I will both receive a copy of your email... also! Be sure to post in the manifest and let us all know that you've been here!


From 1998:

December 23: Time for the last fan page update of 1998...

As 1998 is drawing to a close (already!) we have had quite the year on the homeplanet. Here's just a few of the things that happened:

  • This was the year we found the missing members of the band.

  • Guitarist Mick Donner has become an active and vital part of the homeplanet community.

  • Site visitations went over 5000 late this summer.

  • Preliminary plans have been laid for several major projects by the band.

  • An article about Barnabas was written for CCM Magazine and published in the October issue.

  • The music of Barnabas is more popular now than it was in the 80's!

  • The songs are now reaching people worldwide through the Net.


This is exactly what Kris Klingensmith and I hoped to see. As Kris said early on, "I had long ago assumed Barnabas to be forever lost in the tail lights. I figure this might be a miracle!" It is, truly. There was no way of knowing the full impact of Barnabas until we launched this Web site, giving people all over the world a chance to let the band know how much they loved the music and how it has changed literally thousands of lives.

The site has been visited by fans from all over the developed world. We have received email from South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Canada, Germany, and numerous other countries. The recordings and re-recordings of Barnabas' music have spread worldwide, although the original distribution by Light Records was limited largely to this country. Word-of-mouth and reputation have caused the music to be highly sought after by fans and musicians everywhere.

Kris, Mick, Nancy and I look forward to an even more unbelievable 1999. We invite all of you to join us as Barnabas blasts into 2000 and beyond...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And now for homeplanet site news:

I have revamped the Links page! The old page was very much out of date and omitted a lot of the more recent links that have come our way. I added links to the banner/logo/photo graphics from each site as well, to make the page visually appealing. Also, I organized the links into categories.

It is actually fairly seldom that I get a request to add a link to a site. If you would like me to include a link to your site, and your site is fairly relevant to the themes of the homeplanet, send me email giving me the link.. I'll review it and publish it if it should be included. I don't want to have a page with 200 links on it, but we do want to give all our visitors a chance to surf around from our site.

In addition, I have updated the manifest message board to the latest version, which fixes a few annoying things and adds even more capabilities to what has become one of the best discussion boards going anywhere. Read it and profit; but contribute your thoughts and be a part of the community!


November 4: Several people have written lately asking about the whereabouts of the box set.

Kris has a few final hurdles to overcome before he can proceed with the project. It looks like it probably won't happen this year, perhaps first quarter of 1999. Also, he is planning on selling the set directly; it won't be distributed through record stores.

We ask that everyone be patient for now - we will have an announcement on site when the set is ready to go.

I decided to discontinue the old "Planet Mail" newsletter I was sending out earlier this year and last. The list of recipients had grown substantially and the work involved with maintaining it was becoming excessive. All of the same information on the PM is available on site now anyway.

Another question that I've gotten a lot lately is: "Where can I buy Barnabas' albums?" Remember that none of the titles can be ordered from retail music/bookstores and it's highly unlikely you'll see the LPs or tapes in a typical Christian bookstore, since the last ones were released in 1986.

On the recordings/discography page, we have included links to several music distributors who have frequently had the LPs and tapes for sale. Check there first. Also, if you have done business with another distributor, ask them if they have or can get Barnabas' recordings.

Remember, the only authorized CD package at this time is The Gospel According to Barnabas. Some distributors offer a CD dub of one or more of the Barnabas LPs. We ask that you do not purchase these, but wait for Kris' CD Box Set instead.


October 19: The CCM Rewind article is now on site.

I've eliminated the old "Gallery page" and placed most of Kris' archive pictures on the Players and Concert photos pages. Also, three of the Tulsa concert pictures are now available on the Concert photos page.. thanks to Michael Manthei for sending us those. The quality was not great, but they were usable.

NOTICE: We welcome ANY pictures or materials that any of you might have- they are scarce!!

Mick left a message with Kris Brauninger but we did not  hear back from him.

Nancy Jo Thornton has successfully undergone surgery for spinal tumors and is recovering well.


August 18: Mick Donner, guitarist for Barnabas for the Find Your Heart A Home album, has resurfaced! Mick contacted Kris two days ago and also posted in the manifest. Mick currently lives in the Boston, MA area and works for Parker Guitars. If any of you would like to contact Mick, his email address is Kris, myself, and homeplanet extend a hearty "welcome back" to Mick.. hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of him online.

Kris and Monte Cooley have been in touch as well.

At the end of July, Kris shipped me a copy of The Gospel According to Barnabas CD. I implemented Real Audio on the LeConte servers and published five tracks from the CD, now available onsite.

The homeplanet is now based in Knoxville, Tennessee, LeConte Companies' new home. The move took place the last weekend of July and we're all settled in, finally!


July 21: Now, here's some interesting news. Kris and I were contacted via email today by Devlin Donaldson of CCM Magazine. Devlin has been hearing through CCM channels about all this uproar going on here at the homeplanet and decided it was about time to feature the band in an upcoming edition of his monthly column, Rewind. Dev knew the members of Barnabas back when and was wondering, as many of us were, what was going on with them these days.

Needless to say, to be featured soon in the foremost Christian music magazine is making us all very happy. Obviously, Kris is going to be working with Dev and probably Nancyjo will as well. The homeplanet will lend whatever assistance we can to make the Rewind piece an exceptional one. There's a lot to tell, not only about Barnabas' past but also the exciting present and future of Kris K. As the collaboration progresses, we'll keep you posted and also let you know what edition of CCM the column will be in. We will also seek permission from CCM to publish it here on the homeplanet.

After a whole series of site updates, I'm finally happy with the overall look of the homeplanet. We added RealAudio in mid-July, and currently have complete recordings of 5 classic Barnabas songs available.

These are all preparations for whatever lies ahead in Barnabas space.

We have a very active message board. It's a way for all of us to say what's on our minds and to discuss world events, the state of the Church, the music of Barnabas, and many many other good things. It's been a real inspiration so far. BE A PART OF IT!


July 1: First major site enhancement in a while - I installed WebBBS 2.5 - a very sophisticated message board program - to replace the basic and obsolete guestbook program.

Last night, Kris and Monte Cooley exchanged email. This is the first contact with a previously lost member of the band, it gives us a feeling of what it must have been like for Michael Manthei to get in touch with all the old Anthem members.

Whether or not Monte will want to do anything with the new Barnabas movement remains to be seen. But we rejoice that two friends and former bandmates are back in touch tonight.


May 30: Kris and Danny Louis, formerly of Quiet Riot, have discussed a demo recording of some of Kris' modern songs and possibly a video as well. This could lead to a new full-length CD at some point.

We've been in touch with Gary Mann. I felt it'd be good to let him know about the Planet and the recent developments with Barnabas. Gary is glad to know that the music is still reaching people today.. but he is pretty much retired from the music scene at this point. He plans to follow the developments, at least. If any of you would like me to forward an email message to Gary, please send it to me with those instructions. At some point, it's conceivable that Gary would consent to our publishing his email address onsite, but not right now. It was good to get in contact with him, just to express my own personal thanks for the music, his leadership and his bass playing in Barnabas.


Apr. 8:  THE BIG NEWS IS: Kris has decided to produce the box set himself. The CDs will be recorded digitally from previously unplayed vinyl, so the sound quality should be excellent. Kris is going to design and print the CD art and booklet himself at his print shop. Since the box set will not be mass produced and Kris is doing all the work himself, the final cost of the box set should be very reasonable.

Kris is projecting having the box set available for sale sometime in the 3rd or 4th quarter this year (1998). It will only be available through the Home Planet initially.

Depending on how well the box set is received, Kris is contemplating recording new music under the Barnabas name as well.

Nancy Jo is still very involved as her husband's caregiver.. Reeder Thornton has an unusual early-onset type of Parkinson's disease. Please support the Thorntons with your thoughts and prayers.

We have now heard from a good number of people who were affiliated with Barnabas at one time or another. Notably Royce Priem, who helped produce "The Gospel According to Barnabas"; Michael Manthei, formerly of the Tulsa band Anthem; Crystal, a friend of the bands who sang on "Little Foxes"; and Jim Smith, a protege and friend of Brian Belew's.



homeplanet - how it started and why

The idea for the homeplanet was born after I revisited their album Feel The Fire in February, 1997 and indeed FELT THE FIRE of Barnabas. I published the original homeplanet on my company site later that month.

Not too long after that, I was put in touch with Kris by Chris Droessler of Barnabas Multimedia (no connection). Kris was a new Internet user at the time and was searching for any references to Barnabas on the Web.

Kris was overjoyed to see that there was still interest in the works of Barnabas out there, and has been an active participant in the homeplanet ever since! He gave the official sanction to the site, and we were off and running. It's been an amazing two years.

Barnabas' music has reached a lot of people, and it will certainly reach a lot more, both in the '90's and in the new millennium. This is our contribution to that cause. The message of Barnabas needs to be heard more than ever as we near that change of millennium, with many of the evils they warned about growing out of control.


B A R N A B A S   L I V E S !