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Most of the following messages originally appeared on the first homeplanet guestbook in 1997 and 1998.

Adam Russell: I am a musician and have loved Barnabas from the first day I heard them.  I grew up in a fairly conservative Christian home where rock music was not tolerated, even "Christian" rock.  My parents forbade me to listen to even "mellow" Christian rock bands like Petra and Larry Norman, but I rebelled and had my friends at church smuggle me taped albums of everything from Resurrection Band to Randy Stonehill.  After several years of haggling and pleading and trying to convince them the music was okay, my parents relented and gave their blessing for me to listen to the music and eventually play the music.  When I was in my junior year in high school, a few friends and I formed our own Christian rock band called "Sojourner."  We only wrote two or three of our own songs but covered many Christian rock tunes of the early 80s.  We mainly did Daniel Band tunes, but tried our hand at covering other bands, including Barnabas.  It wasn't until we got a decent guitar player that we could actually pull it off, at least on their harder tunes, because Brian Belew was just too good for us!  Anyway, the first song we covered was "If Love Brings Love," the only ballad we had in our set.  I was the keyboard player and had to learn the song note-for-note, which was a good challenge for someone who had only played written music and was learning to play by ear.  Anyway, after some personnel changes, we started covering "Prelude" off of Feel the Fire as a mid-set instrumental.  Our guitarist was one of the best I'd ever been associated with, and could play the whole thing flawlessly!  We brought down the house with that one!  (Oh, by the way, we're all mid-30's family guys now, and fairly broke, so we won't be able to fork over any grandfathered royalty fees!)

I give all that background as explanation for why I'm so excited to have found Homeplanet.  Barnabas was the benchmark for we metal fans in the early 80s as to who was "hard" and who was mellow.  Our little group first heard Resurrection Band's "Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore," then discovered Jerusalem and Petra and others.  But when Barnabas came out with "Approaching Light Speed," we were all blown away.  After that, we'd compare every new band to them.  A few years later, a friend finally proclaimed he had found a band "harder" than Barnabas, and it was Stryper, then Saint came out.  But then "Little Foxes" came out, and it was the hardest-sounding Barnabas album yet.  We were all excited that the band had found a new edge, not knowing that would be their last album (unfortunately). 

I still have most of my CRR tapes from my school days, and have all 5 Barnabas albums.  There are few bands that I have their entire catalog, but Barnabas is one of them, and I love each album.  I remember the first time I heard "ALS."  Since I had to listen to my tapes in secret, I would listen to them when I went to bed with the headphones on.  I remember dozing off during the intro to "Crucifixion" and nearly wetting the bed when the guitars and drums came in abruptly.  I definitely was awake!

Anyway, the site is tremendous and I thoroughly enjoy looking at all the pics and learning more about the history of the band.  It saddens me, though, to learn about the band's demise and to hear what is happening in Nancy Jo's life.  I definitely will keep her and her family in my prayers.  I'm also sad that there won't be a Barnabas reunion, even if it were just a limited U.S. tour.  Because of my background, I was never able to see many of my favorite bands in concert and pretty much all of them are gone now.  I would have loved to see Barnabas on stage, just to experience the energy and power they had.  I'm sure it was twice as awesome as what came out through their studio work. 

Keep up the good work on the website.  I hope there will be additions in the future, like more pics, etc.  God bless Barnabas!    

John Duncan:
Barnabas was an incredibly revolutionary band.
They were the forefathers of Christian speed metal, truly a group way before its time.
While other bands were content with lyrics like "Jesus rocks", Barnabas tackled serious social issues and wrote apocalyptic lyrics that warned of impending judgment.

Long before Stryper's revolutionary To Hell With The Devil album, Barnabas had told the devil "To Hell with you" in the song Father of Lies.

In every way, lyrically and musically, Barnabas represented true excellence. I only heard the name of the band for the first time three or four years ago, but I was hooked immediately and have since obtained all five albums.

No matter what price you have to pay, all of these albums are must-haves for any serious Christian music fan.
Barnabas rocks, now and forever. Bring on the reunion tour!

Mark HOKE:
This is incredible! I never thought I would hear
anything regarding BARNABAS ever again. Once the
90's brought Hip-hop and Alternative to the music
scene I figured Arena Rock and Heavy Metal would
be put out to pasture. I still love that kind of
music and wish it would come back in a big way.
Anyways, this website keeps the flames alive with
celebrating one of the greatest Christian bands
in contemporary history. BARNABAS fell victim to
the times before the Christian market embraced
anything remotely close to Hard Rock. Like such
groundbreaking artists as DANIEL BAND and PRODIGAL,
they had to support day jobs while recording and
touring on the side. Not a easy thing to do!
Now, Christian artists can record and tour just
like in the secular industry without having to
get a second job. BARNABAS was one of the groups
that helped pave the way for modern music to reach
a waiting audience. I am blessed to have all of
their albums. They were a band ahead of their time.
From the brilliant epic "BREATHLESS WONDERMENT",
the scenic "HEARTS", and the power ballad-like
"IF LOVE BRINGS LOVE", they are essential to any
music library. BARNABAS ~ What a happening planet!

Congratulations Michael V. and thank you!!

Jim Sanders:
I am just now landing on the home planet. I love
this idea, and am looking forward to hearing and
seeing more! I am a Barnabas fan from way back
when I started listening to Christian music in high
school. The first Barnabas tape I got was Approaching
Light Speed, which is awesome! (totally 80s word) I
also really liked Feel the Fire and the Little Foxes
albums (back when people made albums). My favorite
Barnabas song of all time is the Dream/Breathless
Wonderment suite off Feel the Fire, but other favorites
are most anything off Approaching Light
Speed, or "All Alone" off Little Foxes. I think
Barnabas had one of the most unique melodic metal
sounds for its time, the way they incorporated
both guitars and keyboards into the mix. And
Nancy has a rock and roll voice with the best of
them. Anyway, I will be looking forward to more
visits to the Home Planet. Take care and God bless.

Jim Sanders

Gale Lee:
Am I dreaming? Someone pinch me! This is incredible!!!! My 3 favorite bands of all time are Resurrection Band, Jerusalem and Barnabas. I'm speechless! WOW!! I've heard that there is a re-release of some of their music - I'd love to see/hear ALL their work on CD. Thank you for Home Planet!

Kirby L. Wallace:
I first ran into Barnabas quite by accident. I occasionally buy an album about which I know absolutely nothing - just hoping to find something interesting on the back-roads. The "back-roads" are those places where there is little media-hype, and not very much popular opinion. If you look at it and think, "gosh, no one is talking about this, and I never heard of them before, but it sure looks interesting," it’s definitely "back-roads."

I bought "Feel the Fire" pretty much on sight. When I played it I was at first shocked. It was definitely NOT what I expected. I am a Christian, and I have listened to a lot of Christian music - but this was different... way different.

I was always "grudgingly accepting" of Christian hard-rock. I LIKE rock, but VERY hard rock seemed "worldly" to me. It carried a stigma about it. So you can image my initial reaction when the hounds start howling during the eerie opening of the album. I was a relatively young Christian at the time, and my views changed on the matter later - very largely because of this album. The revelation was this: The worth of a thing is not in how it looks (or in this case, sounds) but in the intent and content of the thing. I decided that it should, in all things, NOT be what I suspect, but rather what things are actually said and done that should be the basis of judgment. The clothes do NOT make the man - the MAN makes the clothes!

I was initially rather disturbed by the rather rash claim that I had participated in the killing of Jesus Christ. But it occurred to me: the whole crowd of people at the trial shouted CRUCIFY HIM. ALL of them! I wonder if even the disciples may not have had a part in this since they also had forsaken Him. But it’s true - if I had actually been there at that time, I would probably have been in the crowd yelling CRUCIFY HIM. Every one of us is guilty of this. If we are guilty of breaking the Law (which we all are), then we are responsible for His death in that WE ourselves make it necessary.

I listened even closer than before. The words to these songs are absolutely piercing. Hair-raising at times! How many Barnabas fans have listened to Breathless Wonderment and felt chills and goosebumps when the Chorus breaks in: "Hosanna, Hosanna. Breathless Wonderment. Hosanna, Hosanna, Perfect Sacrament." It will sound silly, but who would have imagined HARD ROCK that brought tears to one’s eyes! Reminding me that He bore "the most horrendous crucifixion [that] I most richly deserved..." Imagine getting choked up over a hard rock song!

From there on, I absolutely cherished this cassette. It is on and ABOVE par with secular rock music. In fact, it was harder rock than most hard rock bands played. I handle the thing like gold now, realizing that it is just a matter of time before the thing breaks and is no more. Needless to say, I am quite overjoyed in hearing that there is a CD available now. Sign me up!

Allan Tracy:
Came across a couple of tapes a few years ago. Specifically - Approaching Light Speed and Little Foxes. I REALLY enjoyed several cuts. IF LOVE BRINGS LOVE remains one of my all-time favorite songs.
I have recently had the pleasure of introducing some of my music to my youngest daughter (14). She loved Barnabas too. I went to a couple of Christian music stores to order any and all Barnabas but they said you were dead..... I found this link while searching for REZ stuff. I'm thrilled you are not dead!!!!!!
Allan Tracy
124 Rusty Lane
Waxahachie, TX 75165-1309

Terry Moberly:
I just read every word in every letter in the manifest, and all I can say is dittos, dittos, dittos!!! I too thought I was the only Barnabas fan out there. I have always loved Barnabas and wished I had the lyrics to the songs. Now I do!!! I am printing out all of the words now, and I will probably be up all night listening to all my Barnabas albums while reading along, to fill in the gaps where I couldn't understand the words before. I had most of the words figured out already from repeated careful listening and knew they were awesome, but now I see they were even more awesome than I knew! This is so great!!! Thanks Home Planet. I got more excited about finding this web site than anything I have ever found on the web! I have been searching for Barnabas info, sites, new albums, etc. for years! "Seek and ye shall find, if ye search with all your heart!" (and don't give up). Regarding a reunion tour, I don't know how far I would travel, but I live in VA and if it is in Colorado, I would go. I think it would be fun to vanpool up there with other Barnabas fans here in Va or nearby. We could listen to all my Barnabas tapes on the way to get psyched! It would be a real cool road trip. Anyone interested in the idea feel free to email me. Of course, I have to get permission from my wife (but she is cool) hehe! This is so cool!!! Most fun I have ever had on the web!! The music of Barnabas has encouraged, energized, inspired and motivated and challenged me to righteousness for years! Keep the faith, keep rockin' and glorifying Jesus, and keep this web site going!!!  

Aaron Chamberlain:
Simply put, Barnabas were a great band and their albums contain some of the best, most heart-felt lyrics that have ever been written in music. If (when) the boxed set comes out, I will be sure to purchase it. I'd like to thank each of the members of Barnabas for raising the standard of music when they were together. A reunion would be a great thing, if that's what the Lord wants.

Just wanted to post something on here and to say that I think Barnabas is the best Christian band there ever was... and for a number of reasons. First, they were doing it while working, so they weren't carried away like today's bands seem to end up. Second, they had real content to their songs. The lyrics are hard hitting and right on. Third, they just plain rock and the guitar work on Hear the Light is real shredding... real good! Those are just some of the reasons. Bring on the CD's.

Jeff Combs:
Barnabas had a big impact on me back in 1983. I wish I knew where my old albums are. This is great to see a Barnabas site, it brings back a lot of memories. Every time I hear people talking about aliens, I am reminded of the song. Barnabas was way ahead of their time.  

Big Jim:
Killer web page. My first Barnabas album was Feel the Fire. Awesome crankin' music. Serious lyrical depth. Rez, Jerusalem, Leviticus and Petra and Servant. anybody remember servant? The song "Jungle Music"? Anyway, Barnabas will always be one of my all time favorites. I have been a youth pastor for several years now. I am 29 and looking for my first senior pastoral position. Guess what? I still love to Rock.
My former youth group kids never could quite understand 80's rock. Which to a degree is easy to understand. However there is some Christian music out there I enjoy. Tourniquet, Bleach yet I love Ron Kenoly and some praise music. Anyway, back to Barnabas... thanks for the awesome albums. Just, thanks. So many give up on there dreams yet you all still put out great music. Thanks.
Jesus is still LORD!!!!

Hi. I found this web site a few weeks ago and have been keeping up with it. Barnabas was one of my favorite bands in the early 80's, but my records were put in my closet and were forgotten about. After finding the Home Planet I got my records back out. All I can say is Wow! Feel the Fire and Approaching Light Speed are INTENSE! They don't make them like that anymore. Well thanks for the Home Planet and tell Kris I can't wait for the box set.

john Grafton:
 Although I never had the privilege of seeing the band, for many years I jammed on various Barnabas tapes. I think I still have the original covers and (colored?) cassettes of their first two releases. They rocked!!----------- To the members of Barnabas: Thanks for influencing me in the way of the Lord through your music. What you did in the eighties was not in vein! Sometimes I know it is easy to look back at what you did and wonder if what you did was worth it (I am not saying I know this is the case for you!!) But for this high school kid you made a difference. You guys gave me an alternative to bands like AC/DC etc. who I did have a flavor for. I know that having bands like you and Rez, and Jerusalem helped me to look to Christ and to the Bible for answers> Thanks again!! ---- John --- Paupers Field --- jgrafton67@hotmail