Vintage Pics!
In no semblance of order whatsoever.


iowa.jpg (12952 bytes)
Promo Shot, 1981
(L-R: Kris, Gary, Nancy Jo, Mick)

bus.jpg (27583 bytes)
Promo Shot, 1981
(L-R: Nancy Jo, Kris, Gary, Mick)


StudioMick.jpg (22380 bytes)
Michael (Mick) Donner in the Studio, 1981
(from Gary)


tulsabnd.jpg (21756 bytes)
Band and crew, June 1982
(L-R) Nolan (sound tech), Gary, Nancy Jo, Brian, Ron (light tech), Kris
(from Michael Manthei)


Hank.jpg (13020 bytes)
Our old pal, Hank Laake!


hanklaak.jpg (16664 bytes)
The Hank Laake Band album cover
Featuring Kris K. as the Unrepentent Sinner


Gary and Kris


firstdrum.jpg (13562 bytes)
The Young Drummah-
Kris' Very First Drum!


The Young Pickah-
Monte's Very First Guitar!

Carolyn Joy, ca. 1978
(from Monte)

pic9.jpg (9915 bytes)
Brian and Gary laying down "If Love Brings Love"
during the ALS sessions

Nancy and Gary, Chicago show, 1980.


Kris and Nancy, Chicago show, 1980.